28. 7. till 7. 8. 2019: Samatha-Vipassanā-retreat

- only for participants with retreat-experience -

Teacher: Christina Garbe [More]

Organization: cetovimutti sangha e. V.

Language: Deutsch/Englisch

Place: Samaya-center, Werkhoven, near Utrecht, The Netherlands

Costs: accomodation, meals, organization: 795,00 Euro; teachings on base of Dāna

Meals: organic-vegetarian

Accomodation: in single-rooms


Samaya herstluchtThis 10-days-reatreat will be an intensive samatha-vipassanā-retreat. It is only for participants, who want to meditate intensively and who have experience with Buddhist-meditation-retreats. The retreat will be in silence.
The retreat will take place in the former nunnery Samaya in The Netherlands, near Utrecht.
The spacious, well-kept center is situated in a large parc surrounded by fields and greenland. It provides best facilities for intensive sitting- and walking-meditation, for retreat and seclusion.
The dhammatalks will be about Ganaka Moggallāna Suttā, Middle Length No. 107, in German with English translation. 
There will be daily individual Interviews, given in German or English.
The participants will keep the 8 ethical rules (sīla).
Arrival: after 15.00 h, retreat starts at 17.30 h
End: after lunch, ca. 13.00 h
It is possible with extra-charge for accomodation to arrive 27.7. after 17.00 h and to leave 8. 8. 2019 until 9.00 h.
Registration and information: If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact: 'Webmaster'
Registration until 30. 6. 2019.

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